Uw Madison Roommate Agreement

If you`re a new student getting ready to move into a dorm at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you may be wondering how to kick off living with a roommate on the right foot. One important step to take is agreeing on expectations and habits before you start living together.

The UW Madison offers a roommate agreement form to help you do just that. Here`s what you need to know about it, and why it`s worth filling out.

What is the UW Madison Roommate Agreement Form?

The UW Madison roommate agreement form is a document that outlines guidelines and expectations for living with a roommate. It`s a way for roommates to establish open communication and mutual respect from the get-go.

The agreement covers a variety of topics such as cleaning, quiet hours, guests, sharing personal belongings, and more. It`s designed to help roommates navigate potential conflicts that may arise during the year, and prevent misunderstandings from turning into larger problems.

Why Should You Fill Out the UW Madison Roommate Agreement Form?

Filling out the roommate agreement form can help prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. By discussing expectations and habits beforehand, you and your roommate can avoid surprises and make adjustments before small issues become big issues.

Additionally, completing the form shows that you`re both willing to take the living situation seriously, and you`re both committed to making it work. This can foster a positive living environment and help build a stronger relationship with your roommate.

How to Fill Out the UW Madison Roommate Agreement Form

The UW Madison roommate agreement form is available online and can be completed by both roommates together. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Find the form online: The form is available on the UW Madison website. You can download and print it out, or fill it out online and then print it out.

2. Define expectations: The form covers a variety of topics. Each topic has a series of statements and two columns next to each statement. Both roommates can fill out the columns by indicating whether they agree or disagree with each statement. If you disagree on a statement, discuss why and try to come to an understanding.

3. Review and sign: Once you`ve filled out the form, review it with your roommate and make sure you`re both on the same page. If there are any changes or additions you want to make, do so before you both sign it.

4. Keep a copy: Both roommates should keep a copy of the completed form, and refer to it throughout the year as needed.

In conclusion, filling out the UW Madison roommate agreement form is a valuable way to establish clear expectations and avoid conflicts. By openly discussing habits and preferences, you and your roommate can create a positive living environment and build a stronger relationship.

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