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Originally founded in 2007 the company Inside Out aka ISO Inc. has been working diligently to change people’s minds from the inside out. They broke ground on their movement by starting workshops on race healing and diversity training. The founder Ernest Crosby strongly believes that issues plaguing our community stems from the fact that people have not completely healed from racial adversity. He knows that if human beings of all ethnicities could dialogue openly, overcome racial stigmas and accept one another for their strengths then they could advance as one and recognize similarities instead of differences. Through this process all negative systems in our world could be revamped or altered for the better.

An award-winning motivational speaker as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster, Ernest Crosby is an African-American father, teacher, coach, and manager working at Christian Communities Group Homes in Washington, DC. He has taught workshops on both speech craft and racism at schools and community centers throughout DC and Maryland. Mr. Crosby’s classes and speaking engagements have included the 2008 NCMSLC conference at Eastern University, classes at the Servant Leadership School in DC, and workshops with Gapbusters of Silver Spring MD, among others. Mr. Crosby designs workshops specifically for each client’s needs and situation, so costs and length of time will vary. Racism workshops generally require at least 4 hours for maximum effectiveness, while speech craft workshops are at least 2 hours in length. For more information on Mr. Crosby’s workshops and availability, contact him at 202-345-5362.

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